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We specialize in authentic handwritten fonts

Our small collection of handmade typefaces and fonts are particularly based on real human handwriting samples. These range from the every day normal people, celebrities, the infamous, to historical figures far back in the past.


  • Accurate depictions of handwriting based on real samples from various scanned documents, both public and private.
  • TTF or OTF file types.
  • Full latin unicode character sets plus some xtras.
  • Most are free for personal use.
  • Each font usually includes alternate characters to give a more realistic representation that doesn't look to repetitive.
  • Licenses can be bought for any other use.

Miscellaneous and Linguistics

Further, we have some miscellaneous non-handwritten items generally relating to or derived from musical acts and their creations. Most of these are all free to use. There are also some very unique linguistic creations based on theory and active experiments. This section of the site is a research-only based area with detailed explanations and hypotheses towards intent and goals. Most of these are not available for download to the public as they are not polished or consumer friendly—or as we call them, living expirements of the human condition.