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Human Up

When you hurt,
     dark deep emotional pain;
demons that make you
feel all alone;
scared shitless of the dark, like
     there is no way out & there
          is no one to help you; no
          one will ever
               love you again

The only way
     to find relief is
     to offer emotional crutches
          to others.

Never ask for anything;
     not food,
     not shelter,
     not money;

Demand good
     of each other;

Even if you're hungry,
if you don't get along,
even when it hurts

For Tasha P--------

Thoughtless as I was;
Angel, Im sick of this feeling, this
Solitude I've had to endure.
Helping you to be
Absolved of my absent memory.

Precious diamond,
Disillusioned loving seductress, again
Suckered into that
Fuck game.
My queen, the love of my life
Fear drew me out and made me
Wait without you.
Knowing I could never again hold you,
Gravity weighs on my hollow decisions.

Please come home

Taxicab Messiah

i don't know where to begin:
an unhappy life? working a dead end job?
everything i had, has gone from worse to bad.

these dreams are nightmares.

tell me where I'm supposed to begin:
move away? into a life I dream of?
every thought i had, has gone from worse to bad.

demons are in the drive.

this life turned out nothing like I had planned.

but if you wait, i'm gonna drive it home.

control is slipping through my hands
this life turned out nothing like I had planned.

wait, i'll drive it home.

if you wait long enough you'll find
demons are angels in disguise

there's no love in fear.

dreams are real.


money doesnt make my world turn:
dependant of solitude
and its rolling downhill

beauty never dictates
i cant shake my head hard enough
to save the world

i'm a child of light
living in
the darkness
under your bed

misguided blind blue eyes
failing optimistically
and its rolling downhill

ladies are such majestic creatures
with painted faces so cruel
to lying men

i've watched entire empires fall
in the smallest lachrymal sedation
of black tears running
down the face of misanthropy

all worthless and cold
and its rolling downhill
and i'm so sick of games


these empires
we are building...

for a secluded beach

each passing day
stressing and etching away
the marble
from our lives

the cornerstones
slowly crumble
leaving corroded,
naked towers


Im missing love
Im loving loss

Somebody grab me
Before I

Nobody smiles,
No one melts in
these acid friendships

Grant me the serenity
to accomplish this passover,
this pedestrian task.


Time is the cruel
keeper of wait.

Nobody likes mass
Nobody is melting in space

I've lost
Wasted nights,
Wasted years,
I pissed it all away

When I ask,
Nobody has the time

I'm Kinda Loud

I'm kinda loud at night i guess

between my stupid impulses
my silly thoughts
and sad metaphors

i guess i should make more noise

when i was younger i was too quiet
now i'm too loud
i think i should be louder

looking back at times when
the world was perfectly round
now it couldn't be more flat

this country worries about what shape i'm in,
but ignores the shape the world is in


Grievous grievances
     reflecting the mood
     shimmering across a sullen,
     empty hallway

The glow of color
     acts to encase and embrace
     the clouded fortitude of insects
          hindering any progress
          towards the door at
     the end of the hall

Particles of light gather
     from each window,
     promising a fruitful path

The only exit,
     --red, poorly painted egression
Would it be worth a touch,
     a grimacing glance,
     a focused demeanor?

No matter, it's locked
...and so are the arms to the bed
...and the eyes are on the ceiling
...and the legs are broken

Another failed compliance
Another entrenched widow

Confusion games in the dark

For C------ M-----
Unhinged, I find myself achase...
     20-somethings, drink, something real

The beauty of a decade is the simplicity
     of it's reverberant psychopathy
Your shining moment

When you have the anti-midas touch
     it's easy to be alone

Age is a number

Cats of soaked wreckaged revenge
     amplify my sympathy
Ignorant of all the
     Trends and Lost of the Yesterdays
          Never again to be--Not alone